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Breed Description

The Manchester Terrier comes in two varieties, the Toy Manchester Terrier and the Standard Manchester Terrier. The main distinctions between the two varieties are size and ear type (the Toy has only one acceptable ear type while the standard has three). In all other respects Toys and Standards share the same basic breed standard.


The Toy Manchester Terrier weighs less than 12 pounds, the Standard Manchester Terrier weighs between 12 and 22 pounds.

Coat & Colour:

The coat should be close and glossy. Colour must be black and tan and as distinct as possible. There should be a tan spot over each eye and on each cheek. Forelegs should be tanned to the knee with a black "thumbprint". There should be distinct black "pencil marks" running up each toe. White patches are considered a fault and white patches over 1/2 inch in diameter are a disqualification.

The Head:

The head should be narrow, almost flat and wedge shaped. The nose should be perfectly black. Eyes should be small, oblong in shape and almost black in colour. Only naturally erect ears are acceptable for the Toy Manchester Terrier. Ears can be naturally erect, button or cropped to a point for the Standard variety.

The Body:

The body should be slightly longer than it is tall. Manchester Terriers should be well muscled with powerful loins. The back should be slightly arched at the loin, falling to the joining of the tail to the same height at the shoulder. A Manchester Terrier should have neither a roached back nor a flat back. Manchester Terrier's feet are rather unique. They should be very compact and cat-like. Nails should be solid black. The tail should be moderately short, gracefully tapering to a point. The tail should not be carried higher than the back.


As it is a terrier, the Manchester should be lively and alert. However, the Manchester Terrier is also a non-sparring terrier and therefore should be amicable to both humans and other dogs. Extreme nervousness and extreme aggression are not appropriate characteristics of the Manchester Terrier. Manchester Terriers have above average intelligence and perform well in obedience, agility, and other activities.

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