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Jocko Hunt Fidget

Image © Ralph Reinhold
Image © Heather Ray

'Fidget' is the younger girl at Jocko Hunt, claiming 'Twist' as her mother. Her sire is Inspector Gadget of Brambleport. 'Fidget' is just 12 inches tall, with a smooth, tri coloured coat. She doesn't like the show ring very much, preferring a warm lap and tummy rub anyday. 'Fidget' has been the star of our booth at the All About Pet's Show in Toronto for the past two times and loves it when we put the young children in her playpen with her. 'Look out for that vicious tongue licking.' She is also seen in various JRT calendars, one with Great, Great, Grandma, 'Taxi.' She was born in May 1999 and had her first litter of lovely puppies in summer 2001. Fidget at three months of age with a 3 year old human friend

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