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Dog Coats and People Accessories
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  • Custom fit to suit each dog's personal physique
  • Double thickness for added warmth and texture
  • Washable, wearable, lightweight and comfortable
  • No tight necks and leggings to annoy the dog.
  • Velcro fasteners on the side and front for quick dressing.
  • Some adjustment allowed for weight gain, loss, etc.
  • Many colour combinations. Design prints and solids available. (Prints subject to change.)
  • Contrast collars, belly bands, pockets and innerliners.
  • Loop hole behind collar or on back for leash/harness to hook up
  • Pocket on side for 'pick up baggies' and or treats when out for walks.
  • Hand crafted to suit each individual's needs.
  • Matching dog coat/human vests, hats and scarves available.
  • Reasonable pricing and shipping costs.

  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.
  • Prices on dog coats start at $25.00 and up. Shipping is approximately $4.00.
  • Purchase 2 or more coats, or matching coats and human sets and we will ship free. (International shipping will be paid on 2 or more orders up to $8.00.)
  • Special pricing on human/dog matching outfits.

Ordering/Pricing Information etc.
Telephone: (905) 985-2350

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