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Vali n' Pocketmouse Clover

Image © GG Photo

'Clover' is a fairly new girl to Tudorian Kennel, coming from British Columbia, Canada. She started off here as an adult and won a Group 4th placing at her very first show in Ontario. We are very pleased with her and we have kept a daughter from her first breeding to CKC Champion Pocketmouse Hamlet at Tudorian. So, look for 'Clover' and her daughter, 'Tudorians Ravin' Beauty" (Raven) in the showring in the near future. 'Clover' is soon to be tested for VWD as have the other Toy Manchesters. She tips the scales at just 11 lbs and was born in April of 2000.

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Julie McClure,
1291 Scugog Line 3,
Port Perry, Ont. L9L 1B3,
(905) 985-2350